Colleagues write bout Orit

Colleagues & Superiors at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, write about Orit



"Orit gave up her life before her time and a full future awaited her,

a life full of achievements and personal fulfillment. In her work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs she dealt with security and policy issues that where close to her heart.

Her contribution was deeply felt all through the long hours that she worked

even after these long hours she was always willing to volunteer in emergency times in the "situation room".



"Orit made a significant contribution to the effort of the State of Israel in various activities. She always answered every request in an affable way with a deep awareness of service and responsibility.

I'ts important that you know that Orit was responsible, serious and a paragon in her work. She knew how to respect others, to do her important work in a serious way and always with a smile and a good word. We will miss her".


"We knew Orit for years and we enjoyed the goodness of her heart, her warm and considerate manner.

From her soft and calming speech and her willingness to take care of every problem at any time without becoming weary. It's difficult to believe that every time that we call to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs it's not her voice that answers".


"Orit was a special girl, beautiful with a wonderful smile and endless patience,

always surrounded by those that loved her and friends at work that respected her.

At the time she promised that she would come to Tokyo and I had hoped to see her there soon. But a cruel murderer cut short the plans, hopes and dreams that she had,

those that she planned to fulfill".



"Orit was a delightful young lady, beautiful and well-groomed. She had a good heart, full of smiles. She was always surrounded by friends and enjoyed

everything that she did at work and in her studies".


"In working with Orit I came to appreciate her work and especially her personality

She always had a smile on her face and willingness to help. The flow of her friends

who didn't stop coming to our office, to exchange a few words with her, to eat lunch together etc., pointed out her lovable personality and her ability to gather around her

a wide circle of friends".