Edward and Rachel Weisblatt

Rachel and I think and speak of Orit very often.  And each year at this time, sadly, we remind ourselves of the irreplaceable loss of Orit to her parents, her brother, her family and her friends.  No answer satisfies the question “Why did we lose Orit?” How do we fill the huge space she left?  We cannot.  So the disquieting hurt, the emptiness, and the damage to the natural order of life, dwells in our memory.  But those memories are not alone.  Although our time with Orit was much too short, we shall always remember the few bright years we had with her.   Her good spirit, her warm disposition, her singing, and her perpetual smile brought happiness, pride, and enjoyment into our lives.  So, Dalia….Hezi,  I can promise you both that we shall never forget Orit and we’ll love her memory as much as we loved her.