Friends write about Orit

"Orit always expressed confidence in the future despite the difficulties and every time

That we met or parted the delightful smile and the shining eyes accompanied my path.

If only those eyes and that wonderful smile would accompany your ways and allow you to cope with this terrible tragedy".


"She was always the delicate and smiling child, the pretty girl in the class

I remember your hands, how delicate ".


"Orit, will always be in my heart. Your picture will be etched in my memory forever and ever. Your smile will never be forgotten, your beautiful eyes say everything about you, Orit . They say that G-D chooses all of the good people. G-d chose who he really loves, G-D chose you".


"Orit your innocence, your love for others, and the ability to help others, to love everyone so much enabled me to understand what a good person you are ".


Orit was considered the singer of the grade level of her school Rene-Cassin, and of every school in which she studied. She used to sing in the memorial ceremonies and farewell parties. I always asked her why you don't develop this ability in order to be a famous singer and she always gave me the same answer– that singing for her is only a hobby and of course from great modesty" .


"Orit loved life, loved to have a good time, always looked good.

loved to dance and sing, loved the beach She


Orit was more than a good person, she was a wonderful person ".



"Orit , you were like an open book and unfortunately the book was too short.

There were so many more things that I still had to learn about you

and unfortunately it will only happen through stories of others.

We had so many plans and I always told you that one mustn't plan so far ahead

but you succeeded in causing me to make plans. What's left…I'm left without you with the plans and with many, many memories and yearnings.

I have a lot of things to tell you, but I have no one to tell them to.

The last memory from you that will always accompany me is from your birthday.

You were so happy and it was such a special day. I don't stop looking at the pictures and recapturing all that was.


Orit , there will never be anyone like you for me. You will always be an open book that I will never be able to finish and to read. You will always remain a sweet memory with a smile and love that you had for all of us".



Orit & Yifat – We were two that was one


"We felt each other , we shared experiences, feelings and thoughts. All for each other. You always called me your sister. We were connected by heart and soul.

We complemented each other, we were partners in everything – clothes, things, classes, we went to school together, we studied for tests together, we went together everywhere, even to throw out the garbage.

When you were 8 you moved next to me, you knocked on my door and you asked

Can I see your report card?"

Since then 20 years of friendship whose essence can't be translated into words and no one can understand.


Orit, you knew how to write emotional and special songs for each event.

You always found the right words for all the feelings felt. Your voice full of emotion, that comes from your pure soul, that touches all of the heartstrings.

You always sang at ceremonies, at parties at all events and opportunities".